Are Replica Watches Any Good? (The Whole Truth)

It’s no secret that the business of creating replica products has grown tremendously over the past few decades.

Omega speedmaster watch on nato strap
No, that speedmaster isn't fake ?

The watch industry is no different with replica companies costing the Swiss watch industry billions of dollars a year.

Many companies work diligently to bring these replica manufacturers to justice as this practice is considered illegal.

Replica watch dealers can often be found at outdoor markets, big city squares, and most often online.

You may be wondering:

Are Replica Watches any good?

Replica watches are not worth it because they harm the watch industry, are made with lesser quality movements often resulting in poor timekeeping, and they are seriously frowned upon by watch enthusiasts.

We are going to give you 7 reasons not to buy a replica watch to keep you from looking foolish.

Quality Is Usually Poor

The word replica, across any industry, is usually defined as a copy of the original. 

Replicas are usually lower priced as they are made from lower quality materials than the original.

While they may work for awhile, replica watches usually cannot stand the test of time when compared to high quality watches.

Most replica watches are made to look exactly like the originals they are copied from, including some of the high quality features.

Unlike the real watches, these functions are either made from lesser materials or designed for looks and not functionality.

Replicas watches are often made with subpar movement and poor overall build quality. 

Inexpensive faux materials may look nice at first but within a few years, the low quality of these devices often starts to show. Finishes begin to wear off, synthetic leather cracks or peels, complex inner workings stop working entirely, and cheap plastic display faces quickly become scratched or discolored.

One of the reasons that genuine premium quality watches like Rolexes are so expensive is that they are expertly crafted with premium materials and high-end patented designs. 

This means that legitimate designer watches will not only look pretty but they’ll also function properly for a long time. Additionally, genuine designer watches are usually desirable because of their limited availability and fashion industry origins. 

Since knock off watches offer none of this appeal, they’re often a big waste of money.

Fake knock-off watches don’t have any of the charm, material quality, or appeal found in the real watches they’re trying to emulate. 

In many cases, they don’t even work properly and if they do, they probably won’t last for very long.

They Ultimately Carry Little To No Value

The biggest feature of an high quality watch is the value it carries.

Many major watch brands have watches that are many years old that have actually increased in value.

This is where a high quality watch becomes an investment, not just a purchase.

Unlike these watches, replica watches never increase or even hold a value.

Many parents and grandparents pass down their watches to their younger family members as a family heirloom.

Having a replica watch does not allow you to have the same value as a real watch will.

Many kids are gifted their grandfather’s watch as a graduation gift, and having a high value watch makes this gift even more meaningful.

Knock-Offs are Easier to Spot Than You Might Think

Another big issue with a counterfeit, replica or fake watch is that these watches are usually pretty easy to spot. 

I’m not saying that the everyday person on the street will be able to spot tiny flaws or inconsistencies in a counterfeit watch from across the room, however, most people can add visible clues about your appearance and lifestyle and figure out that your watch most definitely isn’t real. 

Plus, fancy watch enthusiasts often enjoy pointing out counterfeit watches. These people actually can spot flaws and design failures from a mile away.

• Fine Watch Connoisseurs Can Spot a Fake a Mile Away

Watch enthusiasts who actually own watches that have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars to obtain them.

This means that they usually know a lot about watch designs, materials, and inconsistencies. Think of it like owning a fancy sports car.

People who own highly expensive cars don’t just buy them randomly. They’ve often done a lot of research on makes, models, designs, and other key aspects before purchasing their car. The same goes for Rolexes and other designer watches.

The people who wear Rolexes usually know a lot about the different kinds of Rolexes, the many styles, and what fakes look like.

When they notice a counterfeit watch, you can bet they’re going to frown upon it. They may even go as far as to call you out unkindly.

• A Few People May Even Think That You're a Criminal

On top of all of this, there are a few other, harsher snap judgments that people may make. 

Some people may believe that you’re a criminal or that you’re not smart enough to spot a fake. Since counterfeit watches are illegal, an obvious fake makes you look like you support criminal trades or have never seen the real thing. 

In the worst case scenario, someone individuals may think you’re a thief. These will be the people who believe that the watch is real but that since there’s obviously no way that you could afford it, it’s a stolen product. 

No one wants to walk around looking like they’re a criminal.

So, while the immediate conclusion that most people make when they spot someone wearing knockoffs is that they’re a little bit foolish, other people may think you’re a thief, a criminal, or just plain naive. 

Why be fake unnecessarily? 

There’s nothing wrong with working hard to make more money later in life. 

However, pretending that you’re richer than you are by wearing counterfeit goods is really a waste of time. 

I’m just saying, it doesn’t make you look like a very intelligent individual.

• It Doesn't Take Sherlock Holmes to Quickly Deduce That You're Wearing a Fake

But what about the everyday civilian or passer-by? Well, since of the people who do own genuine Rolexes or other premium high-end watches, 95% are in their 50’s or older, most people don’t expect to see a real watch like this on anyone under the age of 35.

When most people see a glamorous watch like this, they’ll almost always scope out the person wearing it.

People wearing clothes from Target who are driving a used Toyota Avalon probably can’t afford a watch that would cost triple what their car is currently worth.

It’s just common sense. There’s nothing wrong with not being able to afford a heinously expensive watch, however pretending that you do, is really not worth it.

Fakes Give Off A Negative Connotation

If you have ever seen someone being called out for a replica handbag or a fake shoes, you know just how bad of a connotation it can be.

Rocking a fake watch not only tells everyone that you are contributing to an illegal act, but that you are ok with harming real watch manufacturers.

In addition to this, people may also see it as trying to impress people with a status symbol.

Expensive watches are usually a sign of wealth and when people spot someone with a fake watch, the impression of trying to impress others can overshadow a conversation.

The Bottom Line: Fake Watches Just Aren't Worth It

There’s simply not a good reason to wear a counterfeit knock-off “replica” watch. 

Most people will know that your watch isn’t real, and even if someone does believe that it’s a genuine product, they might assume that it’s stolen. Plus, it’s illegal to buy or sell counterfeit goods, so there’s that. 

Finally, fake watches are almost always poorly made. They don’t last, don’t make you look good, and in many cases, they don’t even tell the time correctly.

There you have it! Now you know all about replica watches and why you probably should not purchase one.
It’s simply a waste of your money, and your time (pun intended). I am interested in hearing what you have to say.
Have you ever been tricked into purchasing a fake watch? How do you feel about knock-off name brand timepieces? Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback.

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